– Featuring Rev 1.5 Hydration Pack – May 7, 2016 – Osprey Packs Press
Poco Safety Notices – Featuring Rev 1.5 Hydration Pack – May 7, 2016


You don’t have to be an Ironman triathlete to enjoy getting outside to swim, bike and run. Take each discipline by itself — and take it to the far corners of the planet — and then you’ve got three amazing ways to explore dirt roads, mountain trails and coastlines. Still, we approached this kit like a triathlete — which is to say, intensely and with performance and endurance in mind. That means that we’ve focused on apparel that’s lightweight and breathable, safety gear that’s low profile and durable, footwear that can deal with gnarly terrain, hydration systems for the long haul, tech to track your data, a bike for all terrains and a wetsuit that will help you bridge the gap between human and sea creature. Some people call this an off- road triathlon — we just call it vacation.

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