Gorp.com – Featuring Poco Plus – November 29, 2012 – Osprey Packs Press
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Gorp.com – Featuring Poco Plus – November 29, 2012

Gift Ideas to Make Your Loved One Share Your Love of the Outdoors

Talk about win-win gift-giving. You love playing in the great outdoors. Your significant other did, before (1) kids came along, (2) work got in the way, (3) the bloom left the vine. These present ideas will help reinvigorate your partner’s love of the outdoors, and reunite your love life and sporting life with the promise of adventure.

Osprey Child Carrier

Who says you have to give up the good life when your baby arrives? With the Osprey Child Carrier there’s no reason not to take a stroll in the park—whether it’s your local trail system or Yosemite.

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