Gorp.com – Gearzilla – Featuring Momentum 34 – Fall 2011 – Osprey Packs Press
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Gorp.com – Gearzilla – Featuring Momentum 34 – Fall 2011

Imagine being able to strap a 17-inch laptop into the padded pocket, then toss in school books and papers, a bike u-lock, a change of clothes, and shoes, to your back—and hardly feel it.   The Osprey Momentum pulls off this feat, and is one of the most well-designed and highly versatile commuter packs I’ve used.  A wide wide variety of organizational pockets keep your tire pump, patch kit, and multitool in place, leaving more than enough space to stash all your daily commuter materials. With 34 liters of storage, if you run out of space you’re probably packing too much—except the pack also has a zippered expansion panel that offers eight additional liters of storage capacity!

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