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Gearlog – Hands On – Osprey Flap Jill Pack

If you’re looking for a laptop backpack that’s more streamlined and less bulky than most on the market, the Osprey Flap Jill Pack ($89 list) may work for you. The bag’s design–complete with bird of prey logo, spray of flowers, and brightly colored, changeable webbing–is snazzy, too, though it’ll probably appeal more to students and creative types than to business people.

I carried this very comfortable bag around for several weeks. My favorite thing: The straps in back don’t slip off my shoulders! This is a problem I’ve experienced with many other backpacks–and it’s very annoying–but the slim Jill Pack stayed up for me. (Osprey also makes the Flap Jack Pack, sized larger and designed differently for guys.) The fact that it’s so slim means you won’t be able to pack as much into it as you can with other bags, but it’s just fine for a day pack, especially if you’re commuting on crowded trains. You’ll be able to slip laptops up to 15 inches into the inner padded sleeve.

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