iVillage.com – Featuring Poco Premium – July 11, 2013 – Osprey Packs Press
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iVillage.com – Featuring Poco Premium – July 11, 2013

We Love, You Need: The Best Baby Slings, Carriers and Backpacks

Our parents reviewers put the newest carriers to the test! Read on to find the carrier that’s right for you

The Osprey Poco Premium, part of Osprey’s new child carrier line, has great ventilation and is easy to adjust. We love the detachable daypack of this deluxe model, which also has a changing pad, built-in sunshade and various compartments to carry everything from snacks to your cell phone. (…)

Style: “My first impression? Sleek, light, functional and attractive.”

“It is very similar to a nice backpacking pack — lots of straps and levels to adjust. It is easy to adjust to four torso sizes (xs-large), which is great, but it takes a bit of time to find the perfect size. The same goes for some of the other straps.”

Comfort: “The material is very comfortable for both of us. It never got overly hot for me, and even when the warm weather comes, the mesh siding for the baby is awesome.”

“Once I found the right fit for my waist, torso, and shoulder straps, it was very comfortable. It fits like a high quality backpacking pack. The weight of the baby (and the stuff that you may be packing in the day pack), is all on your hips, so your legs (not your shoulders or back) are carrying the load for you.”

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