OutdoorGearLab.com – Featuring Exos 58 – November 13, 2012 – Osprey Packs Press
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OutdoorGearLab.com – Featuring Exos 58 – November 13, 2012

The Exos 58 is an amazing light pack that is similar in design to Osprey’s Atmos series, just lighter. At 2 lbs 8 oz the Exos is the lightest weight pack in our review and one of the lightest packs that has a real frame. It has many great features and felt slightly bigger than its 58 liters would suggest. It is great for backpackers and trekkers as well as alpine climbers and mountaineers. For people traveling cross country, they might want a tougher pack, but for most hikers and backpackers who do the majority of there trips on trails, we think they will be perfectly happy with the Exos’s durability. The Exos frame isn’t flimsy and carries surprisingly well considering its weight.

The Osprey Exos was surprising comfortable especially considering its exceptional light weight. It was more comfortable than the REI Flash 62 and similar to much heavier packs we tested like the Mountain Hardwear South Col and the Gregory Z 65. The fabric on the inside of the waist belt is cozy and, despite some initial skepticism, we found the shoulder straps quite comfortable even with minimal clothing on.

The pack has well vented from its perforated shoulder straps to the space behind the back panel, making this pack idea for use in warmer areas or people who run on the warmer side. We tested this pack on glaciers but didn’t get to use it in a truly snowy environment and we wonder if snow would get stuck in the shoulder straps.

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