OutdoorLife.Answers.com – Featuring Viper 13 – October 2013 – Osprey Packs Press
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OutdoorLife.Answers.com – Featuring Viper 13 – October 2013

Selecting the right backpack for your outdoor adventures can be a tricky affair. You want something that is comfortable to wear and provides plenty of storage, but isn’t so large and cumbersome that it hinders your movements on the trail. A good pack should be designed to be versatile enough that it can be used in a variety of activities and durable enough to withstand the punishment that comes along with regular use in demanding conditions.

The Viper 13 hydration pack from Osprey fits that description nicely. It is a well designed and built backpack with features that will appeal to hikers, trail runners, and mountain bikers alike. It also happens to be a very affordable option for those who want just a single pack for use in all of their outdoor endeavors.

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