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Outside Online – The Best Carry-On Luggage – Gear Advice

February 22, 2010

What’s the best pack out there for traveling without checking a bag?

Q: I travel a good deal, mostly to visit friends or on vacations. I’ve made it my goal to never check a bag, which of course dictates that I pack simply (and wash clothes often). It also demands the right bag for the job. What would you recommend?

— David
Dansville, NY

A: I imagine you are a backpack kind of guy, David. So I’d suggest something like the Osprey Waypoint 65 ($250), a really nicely designed travel pack from one of the very best packmakers out there. The Waypoint has 4,200 cubic inches of space, which should be adequate for a seasoned traveler such as yourself and will still get you past airline carry-on restrictions. It’s designed to let you organize your gear easily, and hold it securely. And like all Osprey packs, the Waypoint carries well.

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