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Backpacker: Gear Guide – Featuring Atmos AG/Aura AG–Editors’ Choice Award Winner  – April 2015

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PasteMagazine.com – Featuring Pixel Port – March 13, 2015

March 13, 2015

Finding the perfect travel backpack is similar to shopping for cars—you can go basic, or you can load up on the bells and whistles… From packs with features most travelers will never need (ice ax hooks? Really?) to the basic reliable bag that will last you a lifetime, here are seven backpacks that are ideal for nomads.

Osprey Pixel Port: As close to a “smart pack” as you can get without making it battery-powered, the Pixel Port features a “port” window that lets you access and use a tablet without removing it from the pack. That’ll come in handy when navigating a city street during a monsoon. The bag, which comes in five colors, can carry 14 liters and has a 14-inch laptop sleeve in a very sleek, urban-centric package.

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OutsideOnline.com – Featuring Porter 46 – March 6, 2015

March 6, 2015

Q: What’s the Best Backpacking Travel Gear?

A: Whether you plan to live out of your backpack for a week or a month, you’re best served by traveling light. Here are eight pieces of gear that will help you confront whatever adventure—or misadventure—international travel may throw your way…

The Osprey Porter 46 is as big a carry-on as you can get away with. It’s packed with smart design features like a front-panel organization compartment that gives you easy access to essentials like toiletries and undies—no frantic digging required.

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MensJournal.com – Featuring Contrail 28 – March 2015

March 1, 2015

If you’re looking to invest in new luggage, consider where you’re most often headed. Are you an extreme hiker headed to scale your next peak, or typically off to Silicon Valley to pitch your next start-up? The bag you bring should suit your needs, and these days, there’s a sophisticated and sturdy option for everyone. Here are high-tech rolling suitcases for serious travelers…

Osprey Contrail 28: One of the most thoughtfully designed pieces here, the light, 75-liter Contrail works hard to be a traveler’s total package, featuring such smart, removable built-ins as a two-sided organizer and a hang-up laundry bag. The build is tough, thanks in part to skid plates and padded grab handles.

MensJournal.com – Featuring Viper 13 – March 2015

March 1, 2015

Whether it is an hour-long sojourn during your lunch break or a once-in-a-lifetime backpacking trip, the right gear will make it that much more pleasant — as well as safe. Here are five essentials to ensure an excellent adventure.

Osprey Viper 13: To stay properly hydrated and fully functional you need to drink a half-gallon of water a day, even more when you are active. The best way to ensure you drink enough (and just about anything else you need while out on the trail) is a hydration pack. The 3-liter reservoir inside this pack will supply you with enough liquid for a nice long hike and, better yet the quick-bite valve from the water hose magnetically attaches to the chest strap to stay out of your way…


Backpacker.com – Featuring Mike Pfotenhauer – March 2015

March 1, 2015
Mike Pfotenhauer has spent the last 40 years thinking about carrying comfort. He founded Osprey Packs in 1974, built the first packs out of his California garage and eventually moved his family to Vietnam in 2000 to more closely monitor the design and manufacturing process. For years, he’s been obsessed with ventilated suspension systems—specifically, building one that doesn’t sacrifice stability or support.
“Traditional packs rely on framework, plastic sheeting, and lots of foam padding to support heavy loads,” he says. “These materials are heavy, lacking in ventilation, and tend to focus the load transfer to finite zones of the body—the hips and shoulders— which creates painful pressure points.”

Backpacker.com – Featuring Atmos AG/Aura AG: Editors’ Choice Award Winner – March 2015

March 1, 2015

Hauling big loads can be a soul- and spine-crushing experience, but the Atmos’s radical new AG (anti-gravity) suspension system throws conventional pack design out the window with stellar results.

Unlike most big packs, there’s no foam padding or plastic framesheet in the backpanel. Instead, nonstretch mesh (with pencil-eraser-size holes) spans a steel perimeter wire throughout the back and continuously through the lumbar and hipbelt. It’s that lumbar and hipbelt contact that’s key: “It wraps gently but firmly around my hips—like a dance partner’s hands—with no gaps or rubbing,” one tester says. With complete contact throughout the entire back of your body, you get no pressure points, excellent airflow, and superior load transfer. You also get good adjustability: The torso has 4 inches of play and the hipbelt extends up to 6 inches…

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BikeRadar.com – Featuring Zealot 15 – February 27, 2015

February 27, 2015

Hey there, bike riders. Happy Friday. Take a break from your work and get the weekend started off right with a nice visual dose of bike gear. Here are 10 pieces of the best and most interesting gear that showed up at the BikeRadar offices this week…

Osprey’s Zealot 15 aims to meet the needs of enduro racers and bike park riders. The Zealot can carry body armor, a full-face helmet and has a separate zippered compartment on the bottom of the bag for tool storage — there’s even a removable tool roll for trailside repairs.

The Zealot 15 now features a clamshell-style main compartment that opens wide to allow access to your essentials as well as to the hydration sleeve, so there’s no need to remove the three-liter reservoir when it’s time for a refuel…

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