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October 1, 2012

I am, I’ve recently come to realize, a pack hoarder. Somehow over the years, I’ve amassed five separate hiking bags—and all for myself! Stuffed haphazardly into my gear closet are an expedition pack, a midsize pack, a simple day pack, a hydration pack and a lumbar pack. Add those to my husband’s personal collection, and we could outfit a small troop of Boy Scouts.

Though I don’t regret purchasing a single one—they’ve gotten me through everything from long treks across Kenya and Patagonia to weekend hikes near my home in the Northeast—I do wonder if I could have been a more conscientious buyer. The bags took up too much precious real estate in various shoebox New York City apartments before we moved into a bigger home and, when added together, cost a pretty penny.

Slideshow: 5 Convertible Backpacks

It turns out there’s an alternative to buying dozens of single-purpose packs. In fact, several gear companies offer covertible packs with components that can be removed and used as smaller bags. In addition to being excellent space savers at home, these packs allow backpackers setting up centralized basecamps to bag peaks on day trips without bringing a separate small pack or hauling along their big one. Click through to the slideshow to read up on the top five convertible packs. (…)

Osprey offers two backpack series with removable day bags: Aether for men and Ariel for women. The mid-size expedition bags are super light, weighing roughly 4.9 lbs, with gender- and size-specific harness and hipbelt systems. The bags are also sleek and non-bulky. The lid detaches and converts into a lumbar pack.

Pro: The lid-turned-lumbar pack has a pouch for a small hydration system.

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Download PDF – Featuring Spring 2013 Collection – July 24, 2012

July 24, 2012

For nearly four decades, Osprey has been a leader in design innovation creating backpacks unrivaled in their ability to comfortably carry gear. For Spring 2013, the company expands their line of custom fit packs with the introduction of the deluxe custom fit Xenith/Xena series, the value priced Volt/Viva, as well an update to the popular Aether/Ariel series.

“Ultimately, we believe that there is inherent value in experiencing the outdoors overnight, over weekend or over weeks – by putting a backpack on and walking into the woods,” said Gareth Martins, marketing director of Osprey. “Our hope is that the enhanced Spring 2013 backpack collection will bring many back to their roots as well as introduce a new generation to the wonder of the overnight outdoors.”

XENITH (Men’s) & XENA (Women’s) – deluxe, customized fit

For anyone carrying large loads on extended trips, load carrying ability and comfort are clearly the paramount concern. The new Xenith/Xena packs are designed with those requirements in mind.

The gender-specific packs include a more robust version of the proven LightWire™ peripheral frame suspension for optimal load transfer, while the all-new BioForm4 CM™ hipbelt and harness provide a supportive and highly customizable fit. This innovative new hipbelt technology builds on the Osprey reputation for outstanding fit and comfort. Specially trained staff at CM™ certified dealers will use an Osprey oven to custom mold the hipbelt for each individual customer to deliver a precise, personalized fit, superior comfort, load control and long-lasting support.

Organization and access are two more key elements to making life on the trail easier. These packs offer superb pocketing and multiple zip access points into the main compartment. Side zip access with zippers on each side of the pack provides quick access to gear in the main compartment. A curved path relieves stress on the zipper for smooth action and creates a generous opening while wide compression straps don’t interfere with entry.

The new hipbelt is equipped with pockets that provide secure storage for digital camera, GPS and snacks, making them easily accessible while hiking. Additionally, the dual compartment top pocket converts to a handy lumbar pack with a built-in belt.

Finally, Xenith/Xena feature a super-convenient new way to carry a reservoir. The external hydration sleeve in the backpanel simplifies refilling and protects the pack’s contents from spills.

Xenith is available in Mediterranean Blue and Graphite Grey:

• Xenith 105- $379

• Xenith 88- $349

• Xenith 75- $319

Xena is available in Ruby Red and Winter Sky Blue:

• Xena 85- $349

• Xena 70- $310

VOLT (Men’s) & VIVA (Women’s) – value-priced, quality carry pack

Sometimes the simplest answer is the best. That’s the thinking behind the all-new Volt/Viva series. These packs offer value-conscious users the chance to buy a quality pack that truly fits and carries well. Outfitted with all the essential features, but light on bells and whistles, these packs are all about ensuring a quality carry and an enjoyable experience in the backcountry.

Volt/Viva features easily adjustable torso length and the Fit-on-the-Fly™ hipbelt that extends up to three inches for customized fit. The LightWire peripheral frame is designed to effectively transfer weight to the hipbelt. An external hydration sleeve simplifies refilling while protecting pack contents from spills. The packs are equipped with plenty of storage including a floating top pocket that extends to accommodate overloads, a large stretch-mesh front pocket for quickly stashing extra gear as well as a wide-mouth access sleeping bag compartment with divider. Osprey’s unique Stow-on-the-Go™ trekking pole attachment that allows users to tuck away poles quickly without removing the pack completes the story.

Volt is available in Stellar Blue and Fern Green:

• Volt 75- $199

• Volt 60- $179

Viva is available in Plum Purple and Emerald Green:

• Viva 65- $199

• Viva 50- $179

In addition to the SS13 introduction of Xenith/Xena and Volt/Viva, Osprey is updating the bestselling Aether/Ariel. Known for its ability to be taken all over the world, the fourth generation of Aether/Ariel builds upon its reputation for combining clean design, custom fit and outstanding load carrying comfort. Upgrades include the new IsoForm4 CM™ hipbelt, for even better performance with heavy loads, and the new Airscape™ backpanel with smooth spacer mesh lumbar fabric. Amazingly, all this comes with no increase in weight. Available in: Aether 85 ($299), Aether 70 ($279), Aether 60 ($249) as well as Ariel 75 ($299), Ariel 65 ($279), Ariel 55 ($249).

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Download PDF Features Osprey Aether – November 30, 2010

December 10, 2010

Osprey Aether Backpack Review

Backpacks over the years have changed quite drastically. I remember my first pack was made by MEI and the hip belt was about 5 inches thick. I used it for a couple years then moved up to a Dana Designs. After two Rainier trips, numerous week long jaunts, the Dana was ceremoniously retired. My backpack buying journey has stopped with the Osprey Aether. Nothing beats the comfort and technology of this pack.

Osprey Aether
The lifetime guarantee sets Osprey a part from the other guys. Gear gets trashed, they get it. Their price may be a little high but the construction and comfort make it worth it. Osprey also focused on cutting weight on this pack which you can tell when you first try it on. There is nothing extra but everything you need.

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Outside Online – Featuring Aether 70

June 9, 2010

I’m graduating from a Masters program in May, and planning, possibly, my last great summer get-away before becoming a hard-working stiff in September. My itinerary from mid-May through August includes a hiking/camping cross-country road trip to Sedona, two weeks of camping and hiking in Alaska, volunteering as a fly-fishing instructor in Alaska, and traveling in Asia for three weeks. If you were putting together a recommended gear list (particularly lightweight waterproof jacket, backpack, tent, and sleeping bag) from scratch where would you start?

… I also like Osprey’s Aether 70 ($260), which is about the same size as the Baltoro, and is just a touch lighter. I’ve carried both in the past year and love them both.

Backpacker Online – Featuring the Aether70 – April 2010

June 7, 2010

When Osprey told us it was updating its stellar Aether and Ariel series, we worried it was fixing something that wasn’t broken. But one tester comment is all it took for us to stop fretting: “I carried the previous Aether on Denali in 2005, and, believe me, this new model handles bulkier gear and hauls even more weight, up to 60 pounds, without an ounce hanging on my shoulders.”

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