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Poco Safety Notices – Featuring Osprey Raptor 10 – July 7, 2010

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Outside Online – Featuring Aether 70

June 9, 2010

I’m graduating from a Masters program in May, and planning, possibly, my last great summer get-away before becoming a hard-working stiff in September. My itinerary from mid-May through August includes a hiking/camping cross-country road trip to Sedona, two weeks of camping and hiking in Alaska, volunteering as a fly-fishing instructor in Alaska, and traveling in Asia for three weeks. If you were putting together a recommended gear list (particularly lightweight waterproof jacket, backpack, tent, and sleeping bag) from scratch where would you start?

… I also like Osprey’s Aether 70 ($260), which is about the same size as the Baltoro, and is just a touch lighter. I’ve carried both in the past year and love them both.

Aether Packs Great for Light Hiking

December 29, 2009

In a posting on, the site said that with the Aether series “you are able to load up as much as you need for your trip, while staying comfortable hiking”. To see more, click here.

Atmos 65 Suggested by St. Petersburg Times

December 13, 2009

In an article in the St. Petersburg Times on backpacking and paddling in the Everglades, the newspaper recommended the Atmos 65 pack as an essential part of their “Wilderness Checklist” and said that the pack “has lots of places to store the essentials”. To see more, click here.