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December 23, 2014

Old-School Sacks: The Tsataan use oversized burlap bags for transport. They carry everything from household items to freshly killed game. This is a most basic method of carry, but it works.

My Modern Backpack: I brought my Osprey Manta pack to haul my gear around. It conforms to fit my body shape and comes equipped with a rain tarp, helmet tag, tie-down bungee cords and a hydration unit with a magnetic chest capture.

The hydration hose technology is seamlessly incorporated into the bag, while the magnetic capture keeps the hose more accessible with less fuss. It allowed me to drink freely while keeping my hands on the reins of the horse and reindeer.

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Download PDF – Featuring Manta and Mira – May 6, 2013

May 6, 2013

Your backpack is your closest companion on the trail. From our perspective, that means a comfortable fit with ample room for all of your gear isn’t optional, it’s mandatory. Enter the Manta and Mira daypacks from Osprey, winner of the Editors’ Choice Award for meeting our standards of quality, utility, value, and excellence. Redesigned for 2013 to provide greater comfort, stability and storage, this series isn’t just impressive, it’s our new adventure BFF.

On Performance and Design…

Whether you’re out for a day of taking in the scenery, or moving with speed and precision to get the most out of your adventure, these packs have got your back. Highly ventilated with durable construction, and features that other companies’ technical backcountry packs would be proud of mean your stuff is getting where it’s going without a snag.

Your pack is you every step of the way, which is why the most important features are comfort and fit. In the Manta (men’s specific fit) and Mira (women’s specific fit) series, Osprey proves that comfort and fit aren’t sales-room talking points, but rather ingrained in the brand’s DNA. Since every person, every adventure is different, both the Manta and Mira allow you choose between three different capacities, and different torso lengths, ensuring that you get the perfect fit.

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Download PDF – Featuring Manta – November 2012

November 29, 2012

Fashionable Fitness Clothing Celebs Love

Hard work and stylish gear seems to be the recipe for success—which is why we tracked down these leading ladies’ favorite labels (…)

Osprey Manta Hydration Pack

While this hydration pack isn’t exactly workout clothing, it does make a great accessory! A-list ladies like Uma Thurman have been spotted with the multisport backpack that comes with important yet fun features for adventure-based workouts. With an integrated rain cover, trekking pole attachment, numerous pockets, and a 3-Liter reservoir included, you’ll be ready for whatever the elements (and terrain) throw at you!

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Download PDF – Featuring Osprey Manta backpack – February 18, 2011

March 5, 2011

Staying hydrated on the slopes is critical and having a place to stash a snack, tools and extra layers doesn’t hurt either. The Osprey Manta backpack ($140) comes with a custom-fitted Nalgene water holder. A mesh suspension back does its job to make you never feel like you’re carrying around a sack of water. Adding a magnet to the on-off pivoting bite valve lets it snap to the sternum strap, keeping the tube from flying around while you’re flying around.

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The Cyclist – Featuring Osprey Manta 25 Hydration Pack – July 20, 2010

July 23, 2010

When we had a look at three of the Osprey Raptor hydration packs, we obviously tested them as a mountain bike product.  However, there is another line of packs under the Hydraulic line-up, and that is the Manta series of hydration packs.  We thought it might be worth some time to compare the two lines of packs so that you, our dear readers, could have as much information as possible to make your purchasing decision an easy one.

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Download PDF – Featuring Osprey Hydraulics Manta 30 pack – March 26, 2010

June 25, 2010

I’ve been using the Manta on day hikes and more recently while paddling my kayak.  I am so impressed with the fit and function of this pack.  I have been consciously trying to drink more water, and the Manta has been a great help while active.  The ease of use is the biggest factor.  I can easily fill it before heading out.   I have used it numerous times, and have not noticed any ‘plastic’ or off taste.  The reservoir is made by Nalgene, and is BPA and PVC free. The the AquaGuard anti-microbial formula is designed to prevent bacteria and mold from developing.  This appears to be working because the reservoir has not developed any mold, and the water still tastes fine.  Keeping the water clean and tasting good is the easiest way to keep me drinking it.

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