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Raptor New Hydration Pack Leader

December 28, 2009 made this statement after spending some time reviewing the pack. They loved the multitude of innovative features found on the pack, and said that this product “soar[s] over other hydration packs”. To see more, click here.

Talon 22 Excellent for Multi-day MTB Trips

October 16, 2009

Mountain Bike magazine recently listed the best pieces of lightweight gear when heading out on multi-day rides, and the ultimate bag for carrying your gear was the Talon 22. To see more, click here.

Allison Gannett Participates in Brita Climate Ride Using Talon 11

August 27, 2009

Allison Gannett, an extreme skier and avid mountain biker from Crested Butte, CO, took part in the Brita Climate Ride for global climate change, and wrote an article about the experience for the blog. She noted in the article, that throughout the ride she used her Osprey Talon 11 pack to carry a lot of her gear. To see more, click here.