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WTA.org – Ozone Series – December 2012

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WTA.org – Ozone Series – December 2012

December 1, 2012

2012 Gear Guide: Kids, Pets & Fun Stuff

Great gear gifts for the holidays isn’t just jackets, tents and packs. There’s fun stuff too—from guidebooks and activity gear, to family games and accessories for your four-legged companions. Treat the ones you know to some outdoor fun of a different sort this season with one of these select items. (…)

When taking off for those road trips or far-off adventures, they’ll need reliable luggage to get their gear there. That’s where Osprey’s Ozone Luggage comes in. Lightweight and rugged with smart organization features, these compact rollers will make getaways a breeze. (…)

With each purchase made through WTA’s holiday gear gift guide, 7-10 percent of sales is returned directly to WTA’s programs thanks to our retail affiliates, helping to keep the trails you love open and accessible for you and for hikers across the state. (*Items marked with an asterisk excepted.)

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VivMag.com – Featuring Ozone and Contrail Series – November 20, 2012

November 20, 2012

Ease Travel Woes With These Luggage and Bag Options

If you haven’t fought back tears standing barefoot among strangers, been berated for breaking a rule of which you were unaware, or stood in a cramped aisle as someone tried to cram one last thing into an overhead bin, then you haven’t traveled by air lately.

But there’s good news. Today’s luggage options can ease the stresses of holiday travel, from security checkpoints to lugging heavy bags. (…)

If you’re worried about the weight of your luggage, Osprey offers new Ozone lightweight carry-ons, one of the lightest pieces of fully featured rolling luggage on the market, in three sizes, from 18 to 28 inches ($199-$299). The retractable handle has an ergonomically designed grip.

Osprey’s Contrail series, with packs available in 22-inch ($299) and 28-inch ($339) sizes, also has a Handle-It feature so that accessories such as the Contrail courier ($119) and Contrail tote ($99) can be easily attached to the handle for transport.

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SkiNet.com – Featuring Ozone Series – September 17, 2012

September 17, 2012

If the mere thought of lugging a giant duffel bag through the airport makes your back hurt and the idea of paying baggage overage charges causes you the same pain, you might think about investing in a new rolling bag, the Osprey Ozone. Ozone series bags are light—under five pounds for the 80 liter bag, 4 pounds for the 36 and 46 liter bags. Osprey stripped out excess frame material but didn’t compromise strength, quality or the organizational features that are essential for skiers.

The lightweight HighRoad LT Chassis is Osprey’s special sauce. It’s an ultra-durable injection molded (and high clearance) base bolstered by large, sealed bearing polyurethane wheels, and an aluminum frame. Sealed wheels means that moisture, road sand and salt can’t work their way in and cause the wheels to lock up. High clearance means no dragging on rough terrain, over door jams, etc.

And the bags have loads of space. A yawning main compartment with three large zippered pockets means you can find anything in a jiffy, even the stuff stashed way at the bottom. A large zippered pocket on the back is roomy enough to hold several issues of Ski Magazine—for your in-flight reading pleasure—with a smaller zippered pocket for the small stuff. It also has two vertical stuff pockets on the front big enough to shove in a light jacket or the gloves you don’t want to lose on the plane. And a zippered top pocket holds toiletries, snacks, or other items you need to get to quickly.

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SNewsNet.com – Featuring Osprey’s Ozone Series and Farpoint 40 – February 27th, 2012

February 27, 2012

At Winter Market, Osprey debuted its new Ozone Series of lightweight travel rollers with three models — an 18-inch, 36-liter (MSRP $199); 22-inch, 46-liter(MSRP $229); 28-inch, 80-liter (MSRP $249) — which weigh four to five pounds, compared to the typical 8 to 10 pounds, Martins said. “We’re using a lot of the same lightweight and durable materials that we use in our packs,” he said. That includes 210-denier nylon fabrics and aluminum frames.

Travelers aren’t only packing lighter, but also smaller,so they can avoid airline bag fees and bring everything as carry-ons, vendors said. To help ensure carry-on compliance,both Briggs & Riley and Osprey are introducing additional smaller versions of some of their more popular travel packs and luggage. Osprey adds the Farpoint 40 (MSRP $149) to its travel pack line.

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