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September 17, 2013

Neo-Bike Packs — Osprey’s Rev Series of lightweight hydration packs looks to be something different. The made-for-biking line uses a unique harness setup the brand touts “provides a fit that is more like a shirt than a traditional backpack.” Media pockets give access to a touchscreen device through a TPU shield. They come to market in January for $110.

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August 20, 2013

Sneak Peek at 2014 Trail Running Gear

We scanned the halls of last week’s Summer Outdoor Retailer Trade Show in Salt Lake City, Utah, to bring you a preview of trail running-specific goods that haven’t yet hit the market. (…)

Osprey’s Rev Series

Designed specifically for trail runners, Osprey’s new Rev Series packs utilize a new “Biostretch body wrap harness and belt” to move with you while you run for a fit that is “more like a shirt than a backpack.” The packs include Osprey’s new Hydraulics LT Reservoir that has built-in baffles to reduce sloshing and a brilliantly redesigned hose that detaches at the top of the bladder instead of the bottom for easy refilling.

A removable, touch-screen phone pocket flips down for easy access. This pack comes in five(!) sizes, the smallest pack being the Rev 1.5 (1.5 Liter reservoir, $70, picutred), plus a Rev Solo ($40) waist pack. (Available January 2014) – Featuring Rev Series – August 8, 2013

August 8, 2013

A backpack can make or break any trip in the backcountry, so it’s important to have the specs that make you happy. Check out these packs that are hitting the shelves next spring: we’re betting you’ll find some good ones in the bunch. (…)

Trail runners and endurance athletes will be psyched to see the Rev series hit the shelves next spring as a new, ultralight contender. The packs are offered in six sizes– 24, 18, 12, 6, 1.5-liters and a single water bottle– but the largest clocks in at only 1 lb. 3 ounces (sans reservoir). The Rev collection will feature the new Biostretch body harness and belt that Osprey claims will fit more like clothing than a traditional pack, allowing it to move with the wearer. Additional touches like a magnetic sternum piece for the reservoir tube or the DigiFlip media pocket for phone access make this series one to watch.

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August 8, 2013

The Future of Trail-Running Gear – Page 5

Trend 4: Innovative Ways to Fuel and Hydrate

We were asked repeatedly throughout the course of the tradeshow, “What have you seen out there on the floor that you’re really excited about?”

Most of our answers to this question fall in the hydration category.

Osprey, a stalwart in the packs industry, is releasing a trail-running-specific series of hydration packs—the Rev line.

Available in five different volumes, the Rev is brimming with handy little innovations:

  • A “shelf” design, rather than a traditional hook or hanger, that keeps the reservoir in place inside the pack to prevent excess sloshing
  • A water-resistant “DigiFlip” pocket flips down to offer quick, touchscreen access to your phone or media player
  • A clip imbedded in the hydration tube that allows the reservoir to be easily removed and refilled independently of the tube—a godsend for aid stations when time is of the essence!

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August 5, 2013

The Best Gear Of Outdoor Retailer (Part 1)

As many of you know, I spent the better part of last week at the Outdoor Retailer gear convention in Salt Lake City, an event that I like to call “Gearvana.” Over the course of three-and-a-half days, I saw lots of great new gear, some not-so-great stuff and some things that were just downright silly. But all in all, it was another good show with plenty of innovations coming in the months ahead. Here is a taste of some of the things I saw that really caught my eye. (…)

Osprey Goes Ultralight With New Packs
I spent some time in the Osprey booth checking out their great new line of packs that are designed to be lightweight and move fast. Chief amongst them was the new Exos series which will come in 38, 48 and 58-liter sizes. These packs are incredibly svelte with the largest tipping the scales at a mere 2.5 pounds. Still, Osprey didn’t scrimp on features or comfort as the packs have some of the best and most innovative shoulder straps I’ve seen. The company also debuted a new small, ultra-lightweight 6-liter pack designed for trail runners with lots of nice features as well. The Rev line of packs will debut in the spring and are extremely high on my “want” list. I was impressed by the integrated smartphone holder built into the shoulder strap that protects the device while on the go but also grants easy access as needed.