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March 17, 2011


I enjoyed dragging this pack through the airports around Denver and Salt Lake City.  It has great big rollers, strong material and zippers.  Its very light. It has many inside compartments to hold all you goods and there is NO space wasted.  The frame is very tough.  Ospreys high quality backpacks are carried into there Vector Travel Series.  They make 3 sizes/colors. I reviewed the pepper color.

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Outside Online – The Best Carry-On Luggage – Gear Advice

February 22, 2010

February 22, 2010

What’s the best pack out there for traveling without checking a bag?

Q: I travel a good deal, mostly to visit friends or on vacations. I’ve made it my goal to never check a bag, which of course dictates that I pack simply (and wash clothes often). It also demands the right bag for the job. What would you recommend?

— David
Dansville, NY

A: I imagine you are a backpack kind of guy, David. So I’d suggest something like the Osprey Waypoint 65 ($250), a really nicely designed travel pack from one of the very best packmakers out there. The Waypoint has 4,200 cubic inches of space, which should be adequate for a seasoned traveler such as yourself and will still get you past airline carry-on restrictions. It’s designed to let you organize your gear easily, and hold it securely. And like all Osprey packs, the Waypoint carries well.

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Weekend Adventures with Osprey

December 28, 2009

A blogger on raved about the Meridian and Sojourn series, describing them as “fabulous”, “stylish”, and “durable”. To see more, click here. Reviews Multiple Osprey Products

August 17, 2009

The site reviewed the Exos 46, Talon 4 hip pack, and Space Station 140 travel bag. They found the travel bag to be “massive”, the hip bag to be of “great value” and “high quality”, and that the Exos 46 is a “featherweight workhorse”. To see the Exos 46 review, click here. To see the hip bag and travel bag reviews, click here and here.