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Atmos 65 Suggested by St. Petersburg Times

December 13, 2009

In an article in the St. Petersburg Times on backpacking and paddling in the Everglades, the newspaper recommended the Atmos 65 pack as an essential part of their “Wilderness Checklist” and said that the pack “has lots of places to store the essentials”. To see more, click here.

REI Rep Recommends Stratos Series

September 19, 2009

An article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about Autumn hiking escapes in the Milwaukee area had a sales rep from REI recommend hiking packs for these outings. One of his top three picks was the Stratos series of packs. To see more, click here. Reviews Multiple Osprey Products

August 17, 2009

The site reviewed the Exos 46, Talon 4 hip pack, and Space Station 140 travel bag. They found the travel bag to be “massive”, the hip bag to be of “great value” and “high quality”, and that the Exos 46 is a “featherweight workhorse”. To see the Exos 46 review, click here. To see the hip bag and travel bag reviews, click here and here.