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September 13, 2012

The Raven series is the new sister to Osprey’s Raptor collection of premium, mountain biking, hydration packs. Sized and tailored for a woman’s body, the Raven builds on the reputation for outstanding fit and stability established with the Raptor line. Highly detailed and uniquely designed, these packs will turn a lot of heads while tearing up the trail.

We have been reviewing the 2012 Verve pack and excited to see some of the changes as it seems to make the bag a bit more functional for rides the girl looking for function (multi-tool, pump, food) and not a ton of water on their back (2-3L.)

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Download PDF – Featuring Verve 10 Hydration Pack – August 2, 2011

August 12, 2011

The most comfortable hydration backpack to date: the Osprey Verve 10 Hydration Pack. It’s made specifically for women and benefits the Breast Cancer Fund so what’s not to love?

Riding down bumpy trails, with the Verve 10 strapped to my back, there was no wiggle or jiggle I’ve become accustomed to with hydration packs. In fact it sat firmly against my back despite being completely full of ice water. This bag isn’t too big or too small. I could fit a jacket, snacks, and personal items in the pockets.

I wore this pack primarily mountain biking and what I noticed first was the HydraForm Reservoir. This anatomically shaped plastic conforms to the back. Instead of the water sloshing around in the 3 liter reservoir, it sat snug and stable on my back. Thanks to the breathable nylon mesh fabric along the back, my other pet peeve, the damp shirt back was obsolete.

Other amenities the Verve 10 offers is the on/off bite valve that attaches to a magnetic strip on the chest. There’s a lid lock helmet clip that quickly secures the helmet to the top of the pack. And my other favorite the stretchy woven pockets on the hip belt that allow for easy access to small items like gels, phones, or in my case kleenex for my constantly runny nose.

Custom fit Osprey backpacks are provided to groups of climbers and trekkers, whose lives have been touched by breast cancer. Osprey is proud to support the Breast Cancer Fund’s Climb Against the Odds and Sacred Treks, working to eliminate the environmental causes of the disease. $4 from every pack purchased will be donated to the Breast Cancer Fund, with a minimum of $5,000 guaranteed. Find out more at

As for the other hydration packs sitting in my gear closet, I don’t know if I can ever go back to them again. The Osprey Verve 10 has spoiled me and my back.

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Download PDF – Featuring Verve 7 – April 2011

May 3, 2011
This women’s specific pack features smart designs for female cyclists, including a harness curved to fit a woman’s body, a sternum strap that won’t squish your chest, and an extremely roomy profile. It’s also packed with more pockets than a pair of cargo shorts. The rear panel pocket opens gapingly wide to store tubes, tools, extra layers and maybe a Subway sandwich. There’s a handy harness pocket for your Gu. A top, fabric-lined pocket holds your iPod and shades. Other smart features include a lidlock to hold your helmet; a loop for a blinky light, and a magnetic bite valve “clip” on the chest strap for easy access and to keep the hose in place and out of the way. Available in Lava or Seasquall, it’s pretty too. – Featuring Osprey Women’s Verve Hydration Pack – April 2011

April 22, 2011

Not all hydration packs are created equal. I’ve had the same hydration pack for move than five years, and haven’t thought much about it beyond the momentary annoyance of filling it up and deciding what to cram into its pockets for the day. With my new Osprey Women’s Verve Hydration Pack, I’ve found that my hydration routine has now been elevated into an enjoyable experience, thanks to a bevy of thoughtful features packed into a svelte, women’s-specific pack. (Osprey also makes men’s hydration packs.)

Undoing my old hydration pack’s reservoir was a wrist-wrenching, tube-tangling pain, and I sometimes reassembled it in such a way that it would get the rest of the pack damp (bummer), or even soaked (extra bummer). The Verve’s Hydraform reservoir system is tangle-free and super easy to use. All I have to do is unsnap the separate compartment that it lives in, loosen the side straps, and easily slide out the semi-rigid reservoir. Then I grab on to the handle, unscrew the lid with ease, and fill ‘er up. If you’ve lost track for the reassembly, the reservoir tells you, “this side faces the user’s back”. The best part of the hydration bladder iis something I can’t even see; the Nalgene-brand hydration reservoir is BPA- and PVC-free. So I can sip liter after liter knowing that my water won’t be tainted with toxins.

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Download PDF – Featuring Verve 10 – March 16, 2011

March 19, 2011

purple is not what most people associate with Breast Cancer, but that is exactly the color that Osprey Packs hopes to use to raise atleast $5000 for the Breast Cancer Fund. The special edition Verve 10 is amethyst with a front pocket screen of the iconic Breast Cancer Fund prayer flags that carry messages of love and healing and help to support breast cancer prevention. As with all Osprey packs, the Verve 10 is free of BPA, PVC/pthalates and triclosan.

“We are committed to the Breast Cancer Fund and their vital work in making the world a healthier and safer place for everyone,” said Gareth Martins, marketing director of Osprey. “This season, we are proud to show our continued support of this important organization through these special edition packs designed specifically for women.”

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