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Poco Safety Notices – Featuring Momentum Series – April 3, 2013

Must-Have Bike Commuter Gear: 28 Essentials

Cycling accessories to get you from here to there safely and in style


These 28 commuter products cover the gamut of situations one may encounter—from a flat tire to wayward motorists. They range from bicycle-friendly bags to handlebar-mounted smartphone holsters, and cover your bike commute from point A to point B. (…)

Osprey Momentum Bike Commuter Bags

From one of the world’s great pack manufacturers comes a relatively slim-profile bike commuter-specific pack that’s absolutely loaded with features. Built with rugged, non-staining Nylon, the Momentum comes in 26L and 34L sizes that, with a compression zipper, allow them to be expanded—the 26L to 31L and the 34L to 42L—to fit extra gear when you need it. Internal buckle sleeves keep laptops up to 17 inches safe and snug, and a highly-reflective, fitted rain cover is integrated into a clandestine zipper pocket to keep your stuff dry on even the most dismal commutes. Other nice features—the kind that make you think Osprey thought of everything—include dedicated external safety light attachment points, U-lock sleeve, zippered pockets on the straps that keep keys (one has a retractable key clip) and phone close at hand, and the company’s proprietary “Lidlock,” for helmet-holding when you’re not riding. In short, the Momentum is the best heavy-load bike commuter bag we’ve seen to date.

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