– Featuring Exos 48 – March 27, 2014 – Osprey Packs Press
Poco Safety Notices – Featuring Exos 48 – March 27, 2014

Yesterday, I reviewed the new Rev 6 backpack from Osprey, hailing it as the best trail running pack that I had ever used. Today, I’ve got some thoughts on another revolutionary new product from the same company in the form of the new ultra lightweight Exos 48, a product that is sure to delight the “light and fast” crowd.

The Exos series of packs have been around for some time, and they have always remained highly focused on delivering very light, yet still durable, packs for backpacker who truly watches ever ounce. One of the hallmarks of the Exos packs has always been that they are comfortable to wear, while still maintaining their minimalist approach. With this new design, that level of comfort has increased even further, even as Osprey has managed to cut even more weight. So much so, that this year’s model tips the scales at a svelte 2 lbs., 5 oz. (1.05 kg). That’s extremely light for a pack this size.

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