– Featuring Mutant 38 – December 12, 2014 – Osprey Packs Press
Poco Safety Notices – Featuring Mutant 38 – December 12, 2014


This weekend’s Bozeman Ice Festival usually marks the official start of ice climbing season, but with the early season cold temps, many climbers have been getting after it for quite some time now. We will post a few different essentials lists pertaining to the sport, but begin here with the hardware required to second a multi-pitch climb or even top rope. Stay tuned for our apparel picks for the season, as well as a look at gear choices for leading.

1. Osprey Mutant 38: Our main backcountry ice climbing pack for the season is the Mutant 38. The minimalist design makes for a lightweight pack (just over 1 kg) and is roomy enough to fit extra layers, your multi-pitch pack, helmet, snacks, crampons, harness, and a rack, with a rope slung under the lid. The ToolLock system on the front of the pack is quick and easy to use, and keeps the sharps from snagging your and your partner’s gear. I personally like to keep all my gear inside the pack, but if you need the extra space, a zippered pocket near the top of the pack stows a removable stretch mesh helmet carry system to secure your helmet to the top…

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