WhoSay.com – Featuring Exos – March 2, 2014 – Osprey Packs Press
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WhoSay.com – Featuring Exos – March 2, 2014

Being an amazing racer is no easy task—it requires training and research but if you love adventure and living out of a backpack [“The Amazing Race”] is definitely the show for you.

Traveling out of a backpack requires good gear and being able to pack light and smart. There are essentials every backpacker or amazing racer NEEDS to have in their pack. All you have to do is remember the handy mnemonic “FUN FINISH.” :)…

We recommend investing in a good backpack even if it’s a little more expensive. You’re going to want something to help you carry that extra 20 pounds on your back. For lightweight packing we use the ultra-light Osprey Packs. They weigh about two pounds so you’re not getting weighed down by extra fabric and things you don’t need. When you’re racing around the world, you’ll love that your pack doesn’t weigh five or more pounds…

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