Wired.com – Featuring Poco Premium – April 30, 2014 – Osprey Packs Press
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Wired.com – Featuring Poco Premium – April 30, 2014

My daughter Lucia, or Lulu, was born to move. She laughs out loud when she’s thrown in the air and crawls around our house at what seems like warp speed (take your eyes off her and she’s gone). It came as no surprise, then, that she also loves to be chauffeured around the foothills and mountains near our house in her Osprey Poco Premium child carrier. She’s happy to sit in the thing for as long as I’m willing to keep hiking. Thankfully the pack carries extremely well, with a thick hip belt that transfers her weight off my back. The sun is intense here in the high desert of New Mexico, so the built-in sun shade is a lifesaver…

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