WomensMovement.com – Featuring Ozone 22” – October 1, 2012 – Osprey Packs Press
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WomensMovement.com – Featuring Ozone 22” – October 1, 2012

There is nothing sexy about buying a new piece of luggage. With the possible exception of the new ultralight Ozone 22-inch roller bag ($229) from Osprey Packs, a technical backpack maker based in Cortez, Colorado that debuted its aluminum-framed, 210-denier nylon Ozone line last winter.

Even when we crammed 46 liters’ worth of stuff into this sleek, four-and-a-half pound bag, it was still easy to bench press into the overhead bin. Despite the minimalist design, Osprey didn’t skimp on user-friendly features. We stashed sandals and flats into each of the exterior pockets, liquids into the top pocket, and laundry in the internal mesh pocket.

The chassis is sturdy, and the wheels roll well across both slippery airport floors and dirt roads. (Yes, we tried it.) Unlike other flop-over bags we tested, the thing stands up on its own (thanks to a built-in foot bar), and—praise the powers that be—it comes in bright green and light grey so you can spot the damn thing at the baggage claim.

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