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Alison Gannett: A MoveShake Story

“We’re all dying deep down for a reconnection to something bigger.”

Alison Gannett is a mover and shaker to the core. A world-champion freeskier, Alison also runs three nonprofits, including the Save Our Snow Foundation, and inspires other women to fall in love with the outdoors by teaching them how to ski, mountain bike and surf with her Rippin’ Chix camps. On top of that, she’s a busy climate change consultant and speaker for businesses and audiences large and small. And more recently, she and her husband Jason, took the leap into farming the 75-acre Holy Terror Farm in Paonia, Colorado. Determined to walk the talk, she and Jason strives for 100% self sufficiency on the farm, taking big steps each year to make the world around them a better place.

But, there are some things Alison just can’t control. A self-proclaimed “eternal optimist”, Alison still faces challenges that she cannot overcome. Challenges that threaten everything she’s worked for. This MoveShake story from Red Reel gives us a glimpse into Alison’s life as she faces the destruction of everything she has built, and what that vulnerability has taught her.

“I’m a fighter, and I’ve always been a fighter. And I’m not going to go down easy on this one… we’re fighting for all we’ve worked for.”

Alison Gannett, A MoveShake Story from RED REEL on Vimeo.