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Alison’s Global Cooling Tour – Skiing to bicycling to Washington, DC

WintersportInterviewThere are three things I love in my life — skiing, surfing and biking, well, I guess I’d have to add coffee and my fiance, but that is another story. Anyway, I’m a damn lucky person, as I not only get to work hard to save our snow and our planet, but I also get to play hard at those sports, while working to protect them. Interestingly enough, just before this shot for the interview, we had another one of those crazy dust storms, as you can see in this photo. Most of the dust is from NE Arizona — check out for more info. Tom Painter, the Director of the Snow Optic Laboratory has found that the big dust storms in recent years have caused almost a 50-day earlier melt than years without dust. The culprit? Overgrazing, development and most likely increase extreme weather from climate change.

Just a few days ago, I hosted a journalist who came to Crested Butte to do a story on me for Wintersport, the largest Dutch ski magazine. The photo above is me taking her up Crested Butte Mountain Resort, so that as a non-skier she could see the double-black terrain that I love so much.

Right after the interview, I headed to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to start my Global Cooling Tour — riding 330 miles self-supported to Washington, DC for Earth Day, 2010. This year I am joined by some fellow planet-saving folks from KEEN footwear, who will join me for my meeting with Senators. My big push this year is showing Republican and Democratic Senators how a 30% reduction in emissions can be save money and jobs, while also promoting energy independence. I am also heading to the White House, to meet with Obama’s head of Governors.

Ultimately, I hope to meet with our President someday soon, as it was clear in Copenhagen that the current administration believes that meaningful solutions to climate change are expensive. Any Osprey fans out there with connections?

I’ll end this evening with a video to show our first day on the trail. Any Osprey fans out there on the C&O towpath, send me a shout out on Facebook! Thanks Osprey for making my Global Cooling Tour possible.

Ride to DC – Day 1