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All Mighty Guarantee

In 2009, we decided to make a bold move – back up our product with a guarantee that couldn’t be beat .  Osprey will repair for any reason, free of charge any damage or defect in our product – whether it was purchased in 1974 or yesterday – any reason, any product, any era.  If we are unable to perform a quality repair on your pack, we will happily replace it. Actually, the move wasn’t that bold since our inception in 1974, we had offered a warranty that repaired most issues free of charge.  Things like holes in fabrics and broken hardware were fixed at a minimal charge – $10-15 and if unrepairable we offered great deals on replacement packs, so folks certainly were not breaking the bank to keep their Osprey pack in shape!

By stepping this commitment up and offering the All Mighty Guarantee, we felt that we could better illustrate the core reason why we’ve always been able to back up our product.  Quality and durability.  These are the cornerstone of our sustainability platform – we build product that lasts, ultimately keeping it out of the landfill for years.  And if things go wrong we want you – our customer – to be able to maintain your pack so that it lasts and lasts, maintaining the value of your original investment.  The investment on our end pays off as long as we maintain the quality of our products – it is in our best interest to build product that doesn’t need frequent repairs or replacement!

As with any guarantee though there are exceptions that we are bound to be fully transparent about – it’s a fact that “nothing is free” and “there’s an exception to every rule”.  We ask that folks pay the inbound shipping (we pay for return) and we do have a short list of what is not covered:

  1. Program Packs: Our program packs or any Osprey pack used by outdoor programs are ONLY covered under the Program Pack Warranty, NOT AMG.  Please contact our Program Pack department for details.
  2. Size/Fit: We provide a variety of resources and tools for our customers to be sure that the Osprey they purchase really fits. Remember – packs fit as personally as the shoes on your feet.   Take this endeavor seriously – a correctly fit Osprey will work on a wide variety of body types. Visit our Sizing and Fitting page for more information and visit an Osprey dealer near you for personal service.
  3. Preference: Bad color? Wrong style? Not enough or too much room in your pack? Unfortunately we can’t cover personal preference under our guarantee.
  4. Third Party Repairs or Replacements: You must send your pack to Osprey to take advantage of the All Mighty Guarantee. We do not cover costs incurred via third party repairs or replacements.
  5. Cosmetic Wear and Tear:  Any reasonable aging of your pack that affects only the appearance and not the function of your pack.  Be proud of those scars!
  6. B.A.M.G. (Before All Mighty Guarantee) Repair Work: Sorry – the All Mighty Guarantee applies only to repairs requested on or after January 1, 2009 (any repair costs incurred for a non-warranty repair prior to Jan 1 2009 will not be reimbursed)
  7. HydraForm Reservoir: The HydraForm™ reservoir is covered by a limited 1-year warranty, reflecting the reasonable lifespan of a reservoir.The pouring and storing of warm-hot or boiling water or liquids into your reservoir WILL VOID your warranty.  Reservoirs are NOT designed to contain or handle liquids at temperature.

With two years of AMG under our belts, we want to know how we are doing. Hop on over to our Facebook page and let us know!  All details of our All Mighty Guarantee are posted here on our main website.