American Alpine Club’s Snowbird Hut – Osprey Packs Experience
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American Alpine Club’s Snowbird Hut

The American Alpine Club owns a single backcountry hut. It’s the Snowbird Hut, up in the Talkeetna Mountains of Alaska. Through the hard work of AAC Alaska section president Harry Hunt, James Brady and Cindi Squire, the new hut is functional for this winter. The Snowbird Hut sits above the Snowbird Glacier. The Glacier is just a stagnant melting piece of ice like all Talkeetna Mountain glaciers, but the skiing is incredible. A popular trip in the area is the Bomber Traverse.

I joined Harry and Cindi for a super fun weekend at the Snowbird. The old dingy, leaky, half-crushed-in-by-snow Snowbird Hut sits below the fancy new Snowbird Hut. The old hut will be helicoptered out next summer.

Cindi reveals the shiny new steel kitchen counter.

Harry fluffs in the R30 duff into the ceiling. Toooooasty!!

In splitter weather we insulated the ceiling, finished sheeting the floor, started sheeting the ceiling, built a bench and a table. It helps that Harry is a carpenter.

We had both a full moon and the northern lights. Become a member of the AAC and visit the best hut in Alaska. P.S. The Mountain House on the Ruth Glacier may be more dramatic, but the location will drive a skier batty.