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Appeal of Bicycling Rises with Gas Prices.

Are you cringing every time you drive past the gas stations these days, like we are?  It’s no surprise that as the gas prices rise, cycling is also on the rise.  We thought that you may enjoy this article from Chicago Now, regarding this topic.  Happy trails!

It happened in 2008.  It’s happening again.

Gas prices are rising.  Rapidly.  Inexplicably.  In an election year, coincidentally.

Unless you are an heir to an oil fortune, an executive at a multinational oil company, or a Wall Street speculator, this is probably not good news for you.  It likely falls somewhere between monkey wrench and economic catastrophe.

When this last happened four years ago, there was a nationwide shortage of 27 X 1 1/4″ bicycle tires.

For the 99% not familiar with bike tire sizes, 27″ tires were last popular in the 1980’s.  Back in ’08, people were dragging old ten-speeds out of sheds, down from attics, up basement stairs, out of garages and into bike shops in record numbers.  The bike boom of the 1970’s had been accurately recreated without terry cloth shorts and striped tube socks…

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Photo via Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop – Austin, Texas.

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