April Powder – Osprey Packs Experience
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April Powder

Saddle Peak

Saddle Peak

Three months al fin del mundo in Puerto Natales, Chile I was waiting on a climbing permit to go and attempt a new route in the Torres del Paine National Park with some good amigos. We festered a bit in town, checking emails, drinking coffee, itching to get in to the valleys we planned to climb in. One of those emails I checked was an invite for an Osprey backpack photo shoot that would take place in the mountains outside of my home in southwest Montana.

Seemed like a good enough job: climb ice and ski in the backcountry with some like-minded folks. It was hard thinking about Montana when I had Chile and Argentina on the mind. What if I decided I wanted to stay? I thought… Then I replied in the affirmative — committing myself to a weekend of “work” that would start the day after I got home from my travels. I was a bit leery at first, but things went well, I Iiked everyone I worked with and now I am happy to be a part of the Osprey Envoy Team.

Having missed a prime ski month I have been quite content with how resilient Old Man Winter has been the month of April. Unfortunately the snow pack has been quite unstable in SW Montana, the worse that I have ever seen.

None the less, we have managed to find safe grounds to ski on. Lots of pits were dug and many times we simply turned the conservative card opting to ski in the trees or lower angled slopes.

However, persistent as we were lots of wonderful powder lines and couloirs.

I have posted a few pictures to spare you my many words that can’t quite describe what the image portrays. Hope you enjoy the shots.