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Best Day Ever?

What constitutes a great day?

Is it the people you spend it with, or the activities that conspire on that “ultimate day?” Or is perfection attained through carefully laid plans or fortuitous timing and good ol’ luck? The best day ever is the holy grail that we all search for; that little thing that gets you out of bed, wondering if the sun is rising on your best day ever.

But I don’t claim best days. There are too many things I enjoy in life to fit them all into one day. I would rather spread them out over a series of days, weeks, years. Best life ever, maybe.

I did have a contender last week though. I met some friends on Friday night at the ferry, which we boarded and escaped to the idyllic backwoods of the Sunshine Coast. I have been hearing tales (and watching many videos) of the great mountain bike trails on the SSC for sometime, and I was excited to go check them out.

Best days occur when you have at least some idea of what to do on said day. We had our bikes and excitement, but no knowledge of where to go. That is where the locals came in. The Coastal Crew, the now infamous posse of dedicated MTB shredders, graciously volunteered to show us around their backyard. Literally.

Not only did we ride amazing, loamy, flowy singletrack on the flanks of the Sunshine Coast all day long, but that afternoon we were invited to a session the Backyard. The Backyard consists of the most immaculately groomed big bike jumps I have ever seen in my life. Three noises stand out from that session: the furious sound of pedaling into the first 35-foot double, wind in the ears as gravity relented for a few glorious moments, and the sound of cheers and laughter.

The sun set on the day, but the momentum had built, and whether we liked it or not we were careening in the direction of one of those momentous days. Along for the ride now, we rallied the troops, picked up beers and smokies and made it down to the beach just as the sun gave way to twilight over the ocean.

Later, drinking beers and eating hot dogs, warming our faces by the fire as the waves lapped up on the beach, I reflected on the day. Like I said, I am not one to claim best day ever, but…

Joe Schwartz hails from British Columbia, where he has spent much of his life exploring the mountains, both on his mountain bike and skis. He is a certified guide, bike coach, sponsored MTB athlete and is a Marketing student at BCIT.