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Bicycling Does a Brain (And a Body) Good

We all know the benefits of a good bike ride for our body, but sometimes we forget that our brain needs the workout just as much. We’ve seen a few posts making their way around the internet this week about the benefits of exercise for your brain…

via The New York Times:

Scientists in Ireland recently found that “immediately after the strenuous activity, the cyclists had significantly higher levels of a protein known as brain-derived neurotrophic factor, or BDNF, which is known to promote the health of nerve cells… [and is] key to maintaining not just memory but skilled task performance.”

via Copenhagenize:

According to Harvard University professor of medicine, John J. Ratey. The average activity level of people in the industrialized part of the world is 38% of what our body and mind, was developed for. Even if you do the weekly 3-4 hours most governmental health organisations tend to advocate, you do not exceed 50% of what you were born to…

As it turns out, our brain is dependent on a high activity level to function normally. The brain constantly rewires and reroutes connections… The ability to rewire it self is enhanced by an active lifestyle, an essential ability as we grow older and parts of our brain deteriorates, due to presenile dementia, Parkinsons and Alzheimers disease. A high activity level will reduce symptoms, in some cases almost completely, of these age conditioned diseases.

All we know is that we feel awesome after a good, long bike ride… and that’s enough to inspire us to head out for a lunch ride today. How about you?

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PHOTO via The New York Times