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Bike City: Where Cars Aren’t Allowed

Every Wednesday on Ditch Your Car we’ll be bringing you just another reason to spend more time on two wheels. Be it a photo, a statistic or an inspirational video, we want to keep reminding you about why riding is great!

We all know the pains of riding in urban areas; always keeping a lookout for cars, making sure you’re visible to drivers, convincing the four wheeled vehicles that you do in fact have a right to be on the road too. Let’s be honest: biking in the midst of traffic is hectic, chaotic and not all that much fun. Welcome Bicycle City, “a planned car-free communities project with a mission to create great sustainable places where people can live, work and visit.”

The 160-acre community being built outside of Columbia, South Carolina will be a prototype for car-free communities, celebrating walking and wheels. Seriously, take a look at their website and it feels almost utopian.

The goal is not to forbid residents from owning cars entirely, but instead promote a vibrant center that thrives off of a car-free climate. How does that work? Community residents will be able to park their cars at the edge of the village and use public carts or bike trailers to bring home any groceries, furniture, etc. purchased outside of town.

Imagine: a whole village where you’re certain to never run into a car and pedal away to your heart’s delight. Yes, please!

Via: Outside Blog