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Bike Commuting: Here’s to the Hardcore Winter Riders Among Us

With winter weather hitting most of the US in full force, it’s sometime a little more difficult to strap on that helmet and pedal your way around town when you’re facing freezing rain, snow or just chilly temps. But for those of you who brave the cold each and every day to ditch your car and ride your bike, we salute you!

And here’s a few tips we like to employ when the going gets tough:

  • Be prepared. Sure rain pants may not be the hottest threads to wear around town, but they sure will keep you warm and dry. Depending on what weather you may face, make sure you’re prepared with warm, winter gear: merino long underwear, burly rain gear, waterproof/windproof gloves and a cozy hat and scarf are a few of our faves.
  • Stay hydrated. No matter how prepared you are in gear, you’re still likely to get chilled on those really nasty days, so we like to pack a thermos of hot tea, coffee or hot toddy (we don’t judge) to warm us up when we get to our destination.
  • Get your snack on. When you’re pedaling in freezing temperatures your burning some major calories, so make sure to keep your body cranking throughout the day. Our favorite on the go snack: nuts, dried fruit and dark chocolate.
  • Indulge with fellow bike commuters. There’s nothing quite like meeting up with other soggy, rosy-cheeked folks after a long, cold commute. So plan to catch up with your friends over some warm soup, a sweet treat or a warming happy hour drink!
  • Give yourself a pat on the back. Bike commuting in the winter is not for the faint of heart, but you’re out there breathing in that crisp winter air, breaking a sweat each morning and pedaling your way through another season. And you know what all the commuters think of you when they see you zipping through traffic? Well, one: they thing you’re crazy. But two: they’re thinking, wow, that person is a rockstar! Seriously.

Happy winter + bike commuting!

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