Boulder Backyard Collective – Osprey Packs Experience
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Boulder Backyard Collective

Wow!  I am so proud.  Last Friday, August 21, 2009 a group of outdoor industry companies and environmental not for profits got together for an extraordinary day of service work in beautiful Eldorado Canyon State Park outside of Boulder, Colorado.  this was the sixth Backyard Collective, a series of events concevied and executed by Conservation NEXT.  As a board member for the Conservation Alliance, I am really excited to see these events take shape and continue to grow.  For outdoor company employees, what better way to learn and understad about the environmental and conservation groups that their company’s Conseration Alliance dues support.  And for the grantees, what better way to connect with the cool outdoor companies that help them further their misson?!  Some key stats:

But the biggest thanks of all go to Deanna Lloyd (The Forest Group) and Brook Shinksy (The North Face),  two of our awesome NEXTers who have been putting these events together.  From the killer goodie bags, to the tasty lunches and HUGE goodie trays following the event – they really made the hard work worthwhile.  Great gear was raffled off at the end of the day and everyone walked away with their own Conservation NEXT shopping bag filled with great stuff from our outdoor company participants.

Last but not least, big thanks to my Osprey crew and Verde PR.  A group of four drove up from the 4-Corners, our Boulder based Rocky Mountain Sales Rep added his toil and sweat to the event and we proudly hosted the Colorado Environmental Coalition under our tent.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures.

Gareth Martins

Director of Marketing, Osprey Packs and proud Conservation Alliance Board Member