Boulder Creek VS Deliverance – Osprey Packs Experience
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Boulder Creek VS Deliverance


Boulder Creek VS Deliverance

On July 12th, Boulder Creek’s spring run-off peaked @ over 1,000 cubic-feet-per-second. I was planning on climbing in Boulder Canyon but since it was raining Kyle and I decided to double ducky (two-person inflatable kayak) the creek. Bad idea. At the put-in a member of Boulder’s SWAT team was vetting potential boaters. We assured him of our knowledge and excellence as boatman. We immediately were swept sideways down the 1st drop, causing boulders to tumble, the 2nd drop had us broached on a mass of flood-wood on river left. It really never got better until the sweet taste of beer at the take-out.

We were pummeled by massive keeper-holes while tree trunks and branches battered us along the inundated banks. I piloted the craft and barked orders: “I need full power”, “Hard left, hard left, hard left”, “Hard right, hard right, hard right”, “Oh my god, look out for that tree trUGGGHH OWWW…” Exhausted and chilled we stopped part way down to grab a cup of coffee and some Noosa Yogurt at the Farmers Market. Hours after putting in we passed under Arapahoe Avenue near Foothills Parkway (‘urban adventure’ – who says you need to leave your postal code for an epic?) and took out.

For the denouement we were almost strained like limp pasta through some rigid shoots of Elm trees. Tired and rattled we toasted our success and luck, alongside the manicured grass of business park, with a tasty beverage and agreed never to double ducky the creek in flood again.