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Celebrate Spring, Red Rock Rendezvous and Climbing Rainbow Wall

Celebrate Spring, Red Rock Rendezvous and Climbing Rainbow Wall

Osprey 2011 Backcountry Canyon Trip. Photo: Emily Nuchols

Believe it or not, today is the first day of spring. Our friends at Adventure Journal kicked it off with 5 Reasons to Celebrate Spring. Just a few reasons to count your blessings and celebrate the season…

1. The Desert
If you climb boulders, Hueco, Bishop, Joe’s Valley, and every other place is now pleasant during the day, and tolerable at night, allowing you to stay out of your sleeping bag and actually drink a couple beers by the campfire instead of going to bed one hour after sunset because you’re freezing. If you mountain bike, you are thinking about Moab, Fruita, Slickrock. Cragging at Indian Creek. Hiking in the Grand Canyon. Backpacking in Canyonlands, canyoneering in the San Rafael Swell and Zion. Basically, the entire red-rock half of Utah is opening its arms to you right now. And some other places in some other deserts.

2. Longer days
Did you remember to set your clock ahead an hour? It is a scientific fact that it’s light out later in the evening, making time for your after- work bike ride, run, or bouldering session. Take a day this week, go into work a half-hour early, leave a half-hour early, and lace up your shoes, click into your pedals, or chalk up and tick off a couple laps on your favorite traverse problem. See? That’s nice, isn’t it?

3. Snowpack consolidation

This was not a good year for avalanches, almost across the board. Springtime brings consolidation, which means safer conditions in couloirs – both for those of us who like to climb them, and those of you badasses who like to ski them. Spring corn. Skinning uphill in a t-shirt, skiing down in a soft shell.

4. Biking to work
As a friend of mine says, “On a bike, you always have windchill.” Spring is no frozen feet, no beanie-underneath-your-helmet, fewer wet streets, less black ice, no gloves, fewer days ending with your bike dripping black slop all over when you get it home. Less frozen snot, fewer tears streaking backwards across your temples in the cold wind, less time spent making tough faces on your bike, more time smiling.

5. Exposed Flesh
We don’t always need to explain why items on the list are awesome.

Osprey 2011 Backcountry Canyon Trip. Photo: Emily Nuchols

Yes, yes, we’re psyched for spring and especially for some more time in the desert. We’re revving up for an awesome Red Rock Rendezvous in a couple of weeks. Hope to see you guys there!

And if you want some more red rock, desert inspiration, check out this great video from friends Fitz Cahall and James Q Martin.

Climbing Rainbow Wall, Red Rocks — The Classics from Outdoor Research on Vimeo.