Check-in and final packing – Osprey Packs Experience
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Check-in and final packing

Check-in for Primal Quest 2009 started this morning at the Holiday Inn of Rapid City.  Good to see some old friends and meet new ones!  The team had to get all gear inspected and approved for the trekking, biking, caving (yep, caving!), climbing, swimming and kayaking sections and the medical check.  All the check-ins started about 9:00am and we did not get completed until 2:15pm, then off to the race orientation meeting at a local theater.  We got introduced to all the organizers and local folks who have put this whole carnival together.  This was followed by a mass invasion of a local street music festival and introductions of each team to the festival goers and collecting our passports and maps for the whole event.  All the teams then dashed back to the hotel to make final gear preparations and the navigators started the plotting process.  It is now 11:00pm and we are just past half way through the plotting process.  Stacy has crashed out to get a couple hours of sleep and us guys are trying to figure out which course to take.

I was absolutely blown away today with how many Osprey packs are in this race.  I’ll know tomorrow at the start but it seems that well over 50% of the packs in the race are Osprey.  Sweet!!!!

More in the wee hours of the morning!!!  Sleep tight all!Gear sortingMandatory Gear CheckKayak Test

Stacy, Tom, Scott and Kiviok - Team Cordura / Osprey

Stacy, Tom, Scott and Kiviok - Team Cordura / Osprey