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Fracking Colorado? “Dear Governor Hickenlooper” Premieres at Mountainfilm: Watch a Screening Near You!

Osprey Athlete Alison Gannett is a World Champion Big Mountain FreeSkier, founder both The Save Our Snow Foundation and  KEEN Rippin Chix Steep Skiing Camps and Rippin Chix Mountain Bike Camps. As an accomplished ski mountaineer and Environmental Scientist, she utilizes her first descents and ski expeditions worldwide — India, Pakistan, Bolivia, Argentina, Bhutan, South Africa, Europe and North America — to document glacial recession. Alison has dedicated her life to making the world a better place, and has spent over half her life working on solutions to climate change.


Osprey makes me proud, and I’m honored to be an official ambassador. Recently they helped sponsor a new documentary film, Dear Governor Hickenlooper, which premiered at the renowned  Mountainfilm in Telluride film festival. Dear Governor Hickenlooper is a collection of documentary films directed by a variety of Colorado filmmakers and provides a new perspectives on fracking and clean energy through the eyes of scientists, entrepreneurs, artists and families. Not only was I lucky enough to attend the film’s premiere, but I am also honored to be in the film. Fracking has been proposed in the 30,000 acres surrounding my Holy Terror Farm, and 200,000 acres of my water shed have already been leased for drilling.

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Screening TONIGHT June 11 in Boulder &  June 12 in Denver
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Lots of folks hear the propaganda from the industry that “fracking is safe”. This saying is a bit twisted around, as often fracking is referring to the actually moment of injecting cancerous chemicals into the ground. Most often, this is not the part that harms our air, water and soil. In Colorado, there is over one spill reported per day of fracking chemicals. At any moment, the value of my life’s work, our farm, and all our food/business could come to an abrupt end. One tiny spill – we couldn’t stay and we couldn’t sell. There are lots of folks in this predicament in Colorado already, several of which are highlighted in this film.

The truth is, Fracking is exempt from the Clean Water Act, The Clean Air Act, the Superfund Act, and the Safe Drinking Water Act. If Obama wants to continue on the “all-of-the-above” energy strategy, then make Natural Gas beholden to the same rules as coal mining. Our farm also borders a coal mine – and I don’t worry as much about being contaminated from them. At any given moment, a third party is testing the air and water from that coal mine. At any given moment, and Natural Gas fracking accident with hundreds of cancer-causing chemicals could happen and I would not even be notified.

Even worse (maybe?) is the fact that recent tests of rural Colorado air have shown toxic VOC levels higher than LA. We residents are paying the price with our health, while the corporations get even richer sending MOST of the gas overseas to places like Europe and Asia. Is this really 2014?

Topping it off is Cornell‘s and NOAA‘s studies showing that natural gas has a higher carbon footprint than coal, because of the methane leaks during extraction. And the final blow is to our water – fracking takes billions of gallons of water. Gas companies in our valley are buying farmers water rights, mixing that water with chemicals and injecting it thousands of feet underground. It permanently leaves the hydrological cycle, and shuts down food-producing farms. The small bit of water that is recovered, comes back up radioactive and poisoned forever.

Want more facts, the ones not from the corporations? Food and Water Watch put out this great brief on “Fracking, Climate Change and the Water Crisis”. Colorado can choose clean renewable energy.

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