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Ditch Your Car: Cycling in Europe’s Most Congested City

When people think of Europe, many of them think of this. And it’s true that in certain cities, such as Utrecht in the Netherlands, more than a quarter of all trips are made by bike. But this film — Brussels Express — shows the other side of European bicycle commuting, and it’s not all that pretty.

According to the film, Brussels is the most congested city in Europe, and cyclists claim just 4 percent of the road traffic for city streets. The twenty minute documentary gives viewers a glimpse into these streets, where cars abound and drivers honk their way through traffic and around seemingly unwanted cyclists. For those in the business of biking for a living — like the Brussels bike messengers in this film — the dynamics on the road can be beyond frustrating, yet not altogether discouraging. The more people who become frustrated with sitting their car for hours — waiting for the traffic to move — the more potential there is for a shift in how people choose to transport themselves to and from work day to day.

As one of the main bike messengers in the short film, Karl-Heinz Pohl, puts it:

It’s not that it’s me and  traffic. I am the traffic. You are the traffic. Somebody who walks there somebody who drives a car there and somebody who drives a bike — we are all the traffic.

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