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Ditch Your Car: This Bike Packs a Laptop Storage Compartment in its Frame

If you can get over the looks of the bike (pictured above), which in all its oddness evokes images of über dorky segues, you just might agree with us when we say it’s an exciting bicycle engineering feat. Exaggerations aside, this prototype was developed by French carmaker Peugeot to be an urban ride that’s equipped for carrying a laptop (or even a small laptop backpack) in its very own frame.

In all its James Bond glory, the Peugeot DL122  has a storage case that sits in the middle of the frame — at its center of gravity — and is big enough to fit (and lock in) a laptop, briefcase, messenger bag or thin backpack, according to Digital Trends. As the article puts it, placing the compartment in the middle of the bike creates more ease for carrying cargo: “Compared to the traditional way of strapping items to the back of the bike, this weight distribution can ease the force you need to maintain balance.”

We’re not sure what the bike is packing in the way of gears, breaks, tires, etc. And we’re not even sure we’d want to be seen riding this particular model, but the fact that bikes are now being prototyped to encourage more commuters is quite simply a wonderful fact in and of itself.

Photo Via: Digital Trends

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