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Ditch Your Car: This Mama Bikes in Heels.

We stumbled upon this article by Laura Wells last night and loved the fact that as a fashionable woman with a family, that she too, choose to ditch her car and get on the bike.  The result?  Less stress, no more battling of California traffic, saving on gas, saving the environment, quality time spent with kids on their commute and the list goes on.  Makes you wonder, why more of us don’t choose to DITCH OUR CARS.

“I’ve had such a journey with the cycling. Just a few years ago, the idea that I would become as passionate about cycling as I am now would be simply preposterous. How did I get to this place where I voluntarily ride this crazy-steep hill to work everyday…and I still turn out in the office consistently polished and in a dress, heels, lip gloss and perfume? I am not the type of girl to give up my style. That’s the way I ride!

I just took the boys to their evening Christmas school program last week dressed “fancy” as my first grader advised, in a black satin dress, a marabou vest and over the knee high heeled boots. I’ve also recently stepped out to the theatre in a short, satin cocktail dress. And to the bar in my bandage dress and 4” ankle boots.

And my driver’s license is NOT suspended, thank you. I have a nice Mini Cooper, I’d just rather cycle. It’s pure JOY.

How can something so bloody brilliant not be so obvious to us all? How did it take me so long to realize this?”

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Photo via: Nate Guimont. Thanks to Momentum Magazine for sharing this story.