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Ahhh, to be Scandinavian

Ahhh, to be Scandinavian

Skate skiing requires technique, some semblance of a V02 max, and  a very high sense of fashion….


The Seattle Post Intelligencer shed the light on the origin of skate skiing (it was not Bill Koch, ps… ). Originated by ancient Scandinavian hunters, the marathon skate (what we call skate skiing today) is a technique in which the skier steps out of the ski track with his or her dominant leg and ski, kicking diagonally for propulsion. The other ski is simply used to glide on.


Aerobic-oriented peeps usually gravitate toward skate skiing, which explains why the sales of Nordic equipment have never been anything but declining among NASCAR fans; recession or not.
How aerobic is it? World champion and Olympian Bjørn Dæhlie has the world record for the highest score of a VO2 max test, 96 ml/kg/min. The test was taken when Bjørn was out of season. Therefore it’s very likely that he could pass the 100 ml/kg/min score if the test was taken mid-season (this fact courtesy of Wikipedia).

Another great aspect to Nordic skiing? It enables you to eat more food! The Talon 11 pictured here contains a fresh baguette torn in half, a bottle of Pinot Noir, a straw, as well as some brie….