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Enjoying Singletrack in Colorado’s Indian Summer

High speed single track

by Sven Brunso

A few weeks back Mother Nature gave those of us in SW Colorado a “glimpse” of what lies ahead. After an unseasonable week of wet, cool weather, the clouds lifted to reveal a healthy dose of white gold above 11,000 feet. Some grabbed their skis and rushed into the alpine in an effort to get their fix, but I opted to wait until the odds of face shots exceed those of core shots.

Knife edge single track in killer setting.

After 20 years in Durango, I know that Indian Summer is always slated for an appearance after the first good snow. A week of warm, sunny weather has cleared the peaks of the winter tease and it is time for some of the best biking of the year around Durango.

The evenings are a spectacular time to ride as the light is low on the horizon and the colors from the changing scrub oak explode. The trails are tacky and the weather is unbeatable. The high alpine is great after a bit of snow packed out the singletrack. A long climb on the Colorado Trail above Molas Pass yields a fast downhill racing the setting sun to the car.

Some years I am so amped for the coming winter that I fail to truly savor the late season bike rides. But now I truly enjoy these fall cycling sessions as I know winter will come when it is good and ready. I have learned to take what every season gives and fall has provided great conditions, few people and a canvas of orange and yellow to crank through as I look for the next flowing section of trail. See you on the trail.

High speed riding in Horse Gulch in Durango

Sven Brunso is the typical ski story. Kid grows up in Huntington Beach, California as a beach bum, goes to college at The University of Arizona and then goes on to a career as a prolific freeskier. OK, so his story is atypical but true. More about Sven here.