First Teams to the Tyrolian Traverse – Osprey Packs Experience
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First Teams to the Tyrolian Traverse

Team Osprey and Team YogaSlackers continue neck and neck across the mesa tops, picking up checkpoints along the way and arrive at the spectacular Tyrolian Traverse together at 2:05pm.
Dave Madera and Jay Smith have once again set a spectacular ropes section for an adventure race, with the Via Ferrata and then this amazing Tyrolian. The teams quickly slid across the Tyrolian and dashing off down the slickrock, in search of the rappel. After a little canyoneering, and a manditory swim into the top of the rappel, both the leading teams chose to blitz back up onto the mesa top to pick up two remaining checkpoints.

A racer drops off the rappel into a cool grotto