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Friday Round Up: Bike Every Day

Friday Round Up: Bike Every Day

Serena Bishop Gordon mountain biking her way through Scotland. Read more about her trip here.

It’s Bike to Work Day today and the entire month of May has been deemed Bike Month or 30 Days of Biking. The League of American Cyclists launched this month-long celebration of biking:

National Bike Month is an opportunity to celebrate the unique power of the bicycle and the many reasons we ride. Whether you bike to work or school; to save money or time; to preserve your health or the environment; to explore your community or get to your destination, get involved in Bike Month in your city or state — and help get more people in your community out riding too!

The underlying message that we hope comes across is that life is just more fun when you pedal. Your ride to the office or to school may take a bit longer and you may get a little sweaty, but what’s the harm in that? We read a blog post from Natalie Ramsland, the founder and framebuilder behind Sweetpea Bicycles in Portland, Oregon. She said:

I care less about saving time than I care about spending time well.

We couldn’t agree more. And if you need a little more inspiration to spend more time on two wheels, check out this little gem about a little boy who finds adventure every morning on his ride to school…

Happy Friday and happy Bike to Work Day!

We see a lot of great photos and videos throughout the week. So, we thought it was high time we started rounding up some of our faves each week and highlighting one on Friday to inspire weekend adventures. We call it the Osprey Round Up.