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Friday Round-Up: Bikes Are Changing the World

Photo courtesy 88Bikes

Unless you’ve been living in a deep, dark cave… You may have noticed that there is a lot of cool stuff going on out there. So, we thought it was high-time we started rounding up some of our faves each Friday. Every month, we’ll be choosing a theme that fits with the Osprey lifestyle. Since we’re smack-dab in the middle of the holiday season, we figured there was no better them than giving. So all month we’ll be tipping you off to cool organizations, initiatives and campaigns that could use some of your holiday dollars. Welcome to the Osprey Friday Round-Up!


88Bikes was our Pedaling Change profile last month over on the bike blog, and for good reason. The organization provides bikes to young people in developing countries around the world. As founder Dan Austin says, “Bike are that magical vessel of freedom and fun, equally useful and enjoyable. I think folks are finally starting to realize that happiness must be addressed in addition to sustenance, and that bikes offer assistance with both!”

They just launched a new website and are working on plenty of cool projects that need your support. Learn how you can help by clicking here.

Bikes to Rwanda

Another awesome cause that we profiled on our Bike Blog, Bikes to Rwanda combines two of our favorite things: coffee and cycles. Read our interview with Executive Director Brian Gilmore to learn more about how the organization is empowering coffee workers in Rwanda and helping to rebuild a country that was less than a decade ago ravaged by genocide.

Adventure Cycling Association

Inspire people of all ages to travel by bicycle? That’s something we can get behind. That’s exactly the mission of the Adventure Cycling Association, an organization that’s been working to get people out on bikes since 1973. They’re currently working on an ambitious project to establish a U.S. Bike Route System. Learn more and support the cause here.