Friday Round-Up: Take Action for Freshwater – Osprey Packs Experience
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Friday Round-Up: Take Action for Freshwater

Unless you’ve been living in a deep, dark cave… You may have noticed that there is a lot of cool stuff going on out there. So, we thought it was high-time we started rounding up some of our faves each Friday. Every month, we’ll be choosing a theme that fits with the Osprey lifestyle. It’s August which means it’s time to take advantage of the last weeks of summer, and what better way than getting in the water? This month we’re all about swimming holes, waterfalls, ocean breaks and waterways of all kinds. Welcome to the Osprey Friday Round-Up!

Our friends at Patagonia recently launched the Our Common Waters campaign, to spotlight the ongoing freshwater crisis. Currently, only 1% of the freshwater on the planet is available for living things.

The campaign is supporting four urgent actions which you can take part in:

Take action globally and in your own community!

Image: International Rivers