Glacier Peak Ski Deep In The North Cascades – Osprey Packs Experience
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Glacier Peak Ski Deep In The North Cascades

Having wanted to ski the remote Glacier Peak in the North Cascades for a while now, my brother and I finally lucked out with promising weather and hit the road for three days. With a great late snow season we were confident there would be snow left to ski, even if it was almost August, and we were fueled by our inspiration to keep the “turns-all-year” spirit alive.

After 18 miles to the summit and about 8,200 feet gained one way, we skied from the summit of Glacier Peak and hit the obvious run on Disappointment Peak on our way back to camp. One more hike and ski on White Mountain and a long hike back to our camp, and our adventure was complete. Lot’s of hiking, but it was well worth the effort just for the turns and amazing views!
Here is a mini movie my brother Andy put together… More photos below!