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Good News for the Flathead River Valley

The Flathead boasts the highest concentration of Grizzly bears in North America. ©Joe Riss, iLCP

We’ve mentioned the Flathead River Valley a few times here on the Osprey blog. One of North America’s wildest places, it’s one that we certainly believe in protecting and we were happy when in February an official ban was placed on mining and energy operations in the area.

Now there’s even more good news coming from this beautiful place. At the recent G8 and G20 summits, President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Stephen Harper deliberated over B.C.’s precious Flathead Valley. According to an official White House statement, “They discussed how relevant U.S. and Canadian agencies, including the U.S. Department of the Interior and Environment Canada, working with representatives of the Province of British Columbia and the State of Montana, could support this understanding and could help ensure the sustained protection of the Flathead River Basin.”

Because of the deliberations, there’s an international conservation agreement in the works for the American and Canadian Flathead River watershed. That means the potential for a National Park in the area. Which we whole heartedly support!

To learn more you can check out Flatheat Wild.

Via: Conservation Alliance